Hamid Yosafi


Mr. Yosafi has been with the KeyAnalytics team since 2005 and helped facilitate the initial transfer away from a Microsoft Access database towards the powerful web-based project tracking and reporting system, CFS InternetAccess.  Having been involved with the product since its infancy, Mr. Yosafi has managed the design and implementation of the platform’s critical aspects including data analysis and importation, data integrity testing, and reporting.  

In addition to his technical expertise, Mr. Yosafi has a deep understanding of District fund accounting, the California Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) and the general complexities of a school facility funding program.  After working with Districts across the State for more than a decade, Mr. Yosafi has experience with the majority of school fund accounting software currently being used including QSS, Escape, PeopleSoft, Munis, Digital Schools and Bitech.

Mr. Yosafi understands the challenges Business Services and Facilities departments face as they undergo the task of properly tracking a multi-year, multi-project program.  Mr. Yosafi has a B.A. from California State University Fullerton.