Mark Epstein


Mark Epstein co-founded California Financial Services after working as Vice President at Wall Street’s largest privately held investment bank in the 1980s. Mr. Epstein is the Chief Operating Officer of CFS and manages the Sacramento Area and Santa Rosa offices. He has led financing teams structuring more than $4 billion in financings during his 33-year career. In addition, Mr. Epstein served for 7 years on the Rincon Valley School Board in Sonoma County. At Rincon Valley, Mr. Epstein co-lead the District’s G.O. Bond election and two parcel tax measures passed by the District during his tenure.

Through this and other experiences in his three decades serving schools, he has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to providing financial/facility planning services including the evaluation of facility planning, demographics, development projections, debt management and credit factors relating to each district’s unique circumstances. Mr. Epstein has an A.B. degree in Humanities from Stanford University.