A Key Strategic Partner for 28 Years

For 28 years, California Financial Services (CFS) has its mission philosophy that a financial advisor should understand the business of planning, funding and constructing schools. Our view is that developing a sound facility plan is the most important part of a financing plan. CFS emphasizes the importance of a thorough self-assessment of facility needs and delivers a thorough supporting evaluation of the potential for a variety of revenue sources, not just bonds. We have been a leading industry developer of comprehensive financial, facility and State funding plans.

As a result, CFS is a key strategic partner on any facility planning team and a strong and able municipal advisor when bonds, as they often do, play an important part in funding facility improvements. By exploring other funding alternatives such as State grants, the collection of developer fees, mitigation agreements, CFDs, redevelopment pass-through payments or the sale or lease of surplus District property, voter-approved debt can be made a more manageable matching share for facility funding.